Netflix Binging Again!

It has been a long time since I ave been able to Netflix Binge, but today my husband and I changed all that! We spent a huge portion of the day (won’t say how long, but it was impressive) watching Walking Dead! I happened to fall asleep for a little at one point and I dreamt that Daryl and I were fighting off the Walkers together! Yum! It was awesome!

I think Netflix and I have to have a date at least once a month!

Netflix Binge Watching

The long weekend is finally near,
I can already hear the soundtrack from my favorite show ringing in my ear!

From Saturday to Monday from dusk til dawn,
I will most certainly have Netflix on!

I know many of you may think I’m crazy,
But I already know because my mom always said I was lazy!

But I don’t care what the people say,
A Netlix Binge is my FAVORITE kind of day!