A new week approaches

It is, once again, time for a new week to begin. All the stresses and troubles of last week should be left in the past. If you had a rough and exhausting week, that doesn’t mean it will repeat this week. It is time to begin fresh. New. It is a Clean slate. Anxiety has taught me that every day, if not every
hour, is a chance to start over. A time to say I am no longer living in negativity, because I choose to be positive! This does not mean that conflict will not arise. It means that in the face of conflict you choose to rise above. Your circumstances do not effect your outcome! You decide your future, NOT those around you and NOT your past!

Every day brings a new beginning.

It’s time for a fresh start!

Tomorrow begins a new work week, which means it is time for a fresh start! All the stress and pressure from last week is in the past, and the future is what matters. I am not going to let my past determine my future! I am going to press forward with positivity and a smile! This is going to be a great week! 

This philosophy can also apply to my past. The fact that last year was full of anxiety, panic attacks and fear, does NOT mean this year will be the same. I have decided to move towards hope and success! This will be a great year! 

I wish you all a wonderful week and fantastic year!