Look Forward. Never Back.

Look Forward.

Never Back.

You cannot change the past.

But the Future is yours!

You are NOT your past.

Change is yours.

Take it and make it our own.

Your life is worth something.

Something Beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Never Look back.

Only look forward.

The back of my eyelids is all I want to see

Now it is time to snuggle into bed,

And find a soft pillow to place my head.

I long to drift off into a world of sweet and wistful dreams,

And hope not to have nightmares filled with dark schemes.

All bundled warm and safe under my covers is the only place I want to be,

And the back of my eyelids is all I wish to see!


It’s strong, but I m stronger

Anxiety is strong,
But I am stronger.
It has a hold of my chest,
And my courage is put to the test.
Sometimes I feel I always live in fear,
But I know that Help is always near.
Tears steam softly down my skin,
This release of stress calms like zen.
I cannot let this beat me,
This disease will be kicked and flee!

Anxiety is strong,
But I am stronger!

Arizona Autumn

Arizona Autumn unlike any other,
Because we finally say goodbye to 100 degree heat!
Goodbye to shorts and tank tops,
And hello jeans, hoodies and socks to cover my feet!

Arizona Autumn is unlike any other,
Because we still wear sunscreen on those long days outside.
Time to ride quads, dirt bikes and dune buggies,
And enjoy the beauty of the state I will always reside.