A Proud Granddaughter

Over the past few days I have been researching my grandfather and what he did during his time over in Europe during WWII. He was a Sargent in the 95th Infantry Division. As I have been researching I found out that he liberated a work camp in France and also liberated a town called Metz in France. It is incredible to learn about the things he had done and experienced while he was over in logoEurope.

Our culture has romanticized the WWII time period and we have seen so many films and read so many books about the time period, however, there are times when we forget that those men and women actually experienced those events. I always knew that my grandfather had fought in the war, but I had never thought about how he felt while fighting. How he saw his fellow soldiers die, villages burn, and lives forever altered. I now have a new appreciation for what he did and how he survived. history2

I just wanted to share my new developments with you guys and how proud I am of my grandfather!