Under the Dome: My Newest Obsession

Over the last week and a half, my husband and I have been on Winter Break so we have been watching a lot of tv! While browsing through Amazon Prime Videos, we stumbled upon Under the Dome. I love science fiction, so we gave it a try. After watching the first episode, we were instantly hooked!

What I loved about it was that there was always an excellent hook at the end of each episode which was then answered within a few episodes. There was a part of me that was hesitant to get too attached to the show because I was a huge Lost fan, but felt burned when they never fully answered the questions we all wanted to know! That was beyond frustrating! However, Under the Dome hasn’t let me down yet!

We watched two seasons in about 6 days! Clearly we were obsessed! If you are looking for a well written Sci-Fi, check out Under the Dome!

**This series is based off Stephan King’s novel, Under the Dome. So you know it will be good!

We don’t have to take on the burdens of the world

Today was a bit of a rough day, and I spent some a lot of time being angry. I knew that I needed to vent to a supportive friend before I exploded with anxiety. After telling my friend about the situation, they pointed out to me that I was placing a lot of responsibility on myself for what was happening, and that I should take a step back and not take things personally.

I believe that those of us who struggle with anxiety take things personally frequently. Perhaps we overhear a vague comment that a co-worker makes, and we take it as something aimed at us. We hear our boss lecture colleagues, and we feel it is directed at us. Someone snaps at us when they have had a rough day, and we think they hate us. I know my anxiety makes me a people pleaser so I struggle whenever someone is upset.

I believe we need to remember that all the problems in the world are NOT our fault!  It is our job to take responsibility for our actions, but we do not need to take on the cares and worries of those around us. By doing that we are only creating more anxiety for ourselves, and recreating an endless cycle of stress.

Remember, do not take on more burdens than you need. It is not your job to fix the world. 🙂 Relax and release your stress! You deserve a break!