My sound machine

My beloved sound machine sits by me at night,

To soothe away the cracking, creaking sounds that fright.

The gentle white noise that it produces,

Calms the pesky, rushing thoughts caused from my mind’s juices.

My husband tends to find the machine downright annoying,

But I detrimentally insist it must stay on because he is always snoring!

No matter where I am when I hear a soft, whooshing sound,

My eyes suddenly droop and I almost fall straight to the ground!

I love my silly little sound machine that sits neatly beside my bed,

Because its comforting whoosh pushes out all thoughts from my head!

And Ode to Tiredness

At this moment, I feel so irrefutably tired,

My muscles have shut down, but my brain is still wired!

Memories flash by from today back to the day I was born, 

And replay until they are monotonous and worn. 

So I decide to make good use of my time,

And write a corny little poem that will rhyme!