Encouragement Challenge! 

I haven’t often thought about how my words effects those around me, however, today I was reminded that encouraging words plant a seed of hope in someone’s heart. I feel that it is vital that we encourage those around us, and let them know that they are created for greatness, no matter how dark it may seem. It is also important that we remember how good it feels to have an encouraging word when we were filled with self doubt. 

Tomorrow, I challenge you to speak encouraging words to at least one other person. Let them know you see greatness in them. That they work hard and you have noticed their drive. Anything will work. 

Let’s all work together to spread positivity in a world that so often feels negative. 

Positivity challenge

Since Monday is often a rough day for people, I challenge you to say something kind to as many people as you can! Just a quick smile, or “I love that shirt”, ” or “have a great day”. The smallest smile or compliment can go further than we could ever imagine to someone who feels their life is void of hope. I have been in that situation and the tinest act of kindness would carry me through the day. 

So! Take this challenge and see what happens! Help give hope to someone who otherwise would be without! 

Comment below and let me know what happened 🙂