Magical Summer Nights

I love to lose myself in the nostalgic feelings of a warm summer night. The crickets chirping in the bushes, and the light wind rustling through the leaves  reminds me of a time when I had no cares or responsibilities. When anything was possible and I wrote the rules. Summers were full of endless possibilities and infinite adventures. 

My life may not be as simple now, but summer nights will always be magical for me. It helps that I am a teacher because I have the entire summer off! That is pretty magical! 

A Sno Cone Summer

The sweet bite of cold ice on my tongue takes me back to hot summer nights eating sno cones! This was one of my favorite treats of the summer when I was younger. This evening, after going out to dinner, my husband and I found a little “gas and go” shop that sold sno cones and they were incredible! I believe that I have found my daily afternoon snack for the summer!