The Midwife Rules!

If you have not seen Call the Midwife, you need to! It is incredible! It gives us a glimpse into life during the 1950s in London. It chronicles the daily routine of a group of midwives and while being riveting and captivating, it also tackles various social issues in a beautiful way!  It does a wonderful job at showing a different perspective of life and sparks up great conversations!

3 Episodes In!

Ok! I am three episodes into Falling Skies now, and I must say that I am intrigued! The story is beautifully written and the plot, oddly enough, isn’t too unbelievable. Truly, if aliens invaded the Earth, I think this is how it would go down.

Has anyone else seen the show? If so, what are your thoughts?

NO spoilers! 🙂

Under the Dome: My Newest Obsession

Over the last week and a half, my husband and I have been on Winter Break so we have been watching a lot of tv! While browsing through Amazon Prime Videos, we stumbled upon Under the Dome. I love science fiction, so we gave it a try. After watching the first episode, we were instantly hooked!

What I loved about it was that there was always an excellent hook at the end of each episode which was then answered within a few episodes. There was a part of me that was hesitant to get too attached to the show because I was a huge Lost fan, but felt burned when they never fully answered the questions we all wanted to know! That was beyond frustrating! However, Under the Dome hasn’t let me down yet!

We watched two seasons in about 6 days! Clearly we were obsessed! If you are looking for a well written Sci-Fi, check out Under the Dome!

**This series is based off Stephan King’s novel, Under the Dome. So you know it will be good!