Technology helps my ADHD!

I have come to accept that I will never been organized 100%. What I mean to say is that I will periodically loose things, forget what I was doing, miss appointments and other such things. However, I have found that technology has sufficiently helped reduce these types of instances. Technology is something I am passionate about and have incorporated into my daily life. Since I have been scouring the App Store to get a fell for what is out there, I have stumbled across some incredible apps that help us ADHDers (I have yet to find an app that helps ease anxiety, though I will keep looking LOL).

It is pretty cool that I can organize my life on a little phone or laptop, but honestly, it is wonderful! When I just had hard copies of things like lists, appointments, reports etc., I would loose them all the time! I would end up going into a mini meltdown (I am sure it was humorous to behold. Stamping feet and all!) However, now that everything is compiled right on my devices, I feel so much more put together. I don’t have to worry about finding missing papers and the like. All I need is my phone, or computer! It’s fabulous! I just need to be sure not to loose my phone 🙂

Here is a great list of apps that will help if you or a loved one has ADHD and wants to use their device to help them out!

Are there Any other ADHDers who use technology to help curb their symptoms?