What the heck is love?

Love. This simple four letter word has ignited passion throughout the ages. Plays, poems, songs, novels, and even war have been inspired by this little word. It’s hard to comprehend that such a tiny word, with only one syllable, has been the very reason why we all exist. Our creator designed us out of love and we pursue it in all aspects of our life. Whether it be romantic love, family love, or just a passion for an activity you engage in that gives you pleasure and fulfillment.

But love is more than a word. More than the verbal confirmation of affection. Love is not just a noun. Love is a verb. An action that must be continually demonstrated through our own lives to express the truth that these four letters possess. Love is dedication in the mist of hardship and struggle. Love fights through times where everything seems impossible and the darkness is all encompassing. It sparks a burning ember of hope that begins to lighten the dark and pushes aside the despair and ruin.

Love cannot just be spoken. Words are not enough. Saying the right thing at the right time cannot determine the depth of love. Love is action and Actions alone show love. Choose to demonstrate acts of love to those around you. Most importantly, look for others heaping these loving acts towards you. Don’t harden yourself against it, open yourself to the beauty and joy that are the side effects of love. Believe me, I know it is scary, but it is worth it.