Time to Kick my Butt!

OK! Even though I have been having an amazing year of healing, I have gained some weight… around 10 pounds. UGH! I know it could be worse, but I am not liking how I am feeling with the extra weight I am carrying around. So, I am “super-charging” my workouts and have added a few things in my garage gym! A few of the items are a little “ghetto” but I am very excited about it! Check it out!

IMG_2068 IMG_2067 IMG_2069


I still am blown away by how much I have changed over the last few months. Around this time last year I had a panic attack while I was doing a very intense workout. I thought I was going to be sick so I took myself out of the class. It was humiliating. I do not like to be defeated by working out and I enjoy pushing myself to be better. However, at that time in my life I was not well enough to do so. Mind you, I didn’t realize I was sick at that time.

Fast forward to today…

I did a similar workout today with a few of my friends and I DID NOT HAVE A PANIC ATTACK! I cannot believe I have come so far. I think the key to my healing has been accepting my anxiety for what it is, and being able to love myself just as I am.

Working Out: The Bane of Our Existence!

There was a small whisper in the back of my mind all day that kept saying, “You need to workout. You need to workout.” Of course, as usual, I ignored it. I came up with any excuse in the book:

-I had to clean

-I was hungry

-Just after this episode

-I need a nap

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-Just one more episode

-I just ate, I have to wait an hour

After many hours of finding a way around working out, I just made myself get up and do my yoga practice, and what do you know? I feel amazing! Isn’t it funny how we will go out of our way to avoid the smallest workout routine, however, once we have finally finished it, we feel so much better!? I am glad I finally made myself get up and Yoga! 🙂