I am Elle, and I enjoy spending time with my husband and three adorable dogs. As a career, I am a special education teacher at a middle school, which I absolutely love! I have a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Sociology and a master’s degree in Education with a focusΒ in Special Education. I have a passion for all 11080802_1647710085447789_4275874826395353443_othingsΒ creative. Writing, reading, photography, movies, drawing, and (yes) even lesson planning.

I live in the breathtaking state of Arizona, which I moved to three years ago from Ohio. Honestly, before living here I never even thought of it as a state. After the years I have spent here, I doubt I could ever live anywhere else. On the more serious note, I have lived with anxiety most of my life and there will be occasions where I post about my victories and frustrations with it. I hope that by doing so I can help break down the barriers and misconceptions surrounding anxiety. Everyday I work hard to not let it get in the way of living fully and experiencing the adventures that are found between one sunrise to the next.

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  1. I am in the process of trying to sell my property to move to Phoenix. Both of my children and their families live there and I thought it would be nice to live near them. I too can relay to your anxiety as I too suffer with it. Mine started after the birth of my first child. I was in a long-hard 3 day labor with him (fortunately in these days doctors do not let that happen) and I have anxiety ever since.


  2. Thanks for visiting my page. I was wondering if you’d be interested in reading and reviewing my middle grade fantasy adventure Clifton Chase and the Arrow of LIght. Just let me know!


  3. Nice meeting you, chère Elle.

    What an unusual French name!

    Interestingly, I started dealing with a Phoenix-based company this past week or so; or perhaps the week before when its CEO contacted me.

    Could this be the beginning of an “Arizona pattern”?

    Honestly, we wouldn’t mind moving West (from New Jersey) and this may be the destination. Pourquoi pas?


    Gilles aka ‘new desert’


  4. Thank you for stopping by my new blog and thank you for being genuine and honest about struggling with anxiety. Many equate anxiety with weakness and feel afraid and ashamed to speak openly about it. It’s through blogs like yours that all of us as a community can fight the emotional health stigma prevalent in our culture and help the ones in need get the support and acceptance they require. I hope you’ll continue writing and inspiring, one person at a time.


  5. Hi there. Just wanted to say thank you for kindly visiting and now following my blog.
    Yours looks really good and I will look forward to returning to check on what you are up to?
    I have also previously worked with young people in similar situations to your good self; and so can appreciate how much satisfaction such work brings.
    Kind Regards


  6. Hey I just found you on here. I am following for more. Im interested in your battle with anxiety and your refusal to let it beat you up too much πŸ™‚
    It seems you have a great site here with so much on it.
    Take care. Stephen.

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  7. Hi, Elle! Thank you for visiting my haiku blog and for “liking” a couple of my haiku. I was pleased to learn that you and your family live in Arizona! My wife and I lived in Flagstaff while I worked at Lowell Observatory and plan to move back as soon as possible! Probably Phoenix this time, since my wife’s son lives there.

    I’ve only begun to explore your site but like what I see, especially the humorous verse! I am now a FOLLOWER! Drop by “Randa Lane…” any time or join if you choose. It’s all good!

    (Hope you’ll read my ABOUT post! You’ll find I was a teacher, too and lots of other goodies. Enjoy!) πŸ™‚

    Respect and Admiration,


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  8. Lovely blog! I have to ask–why “The Platypus?” I won’t lie, they’re one of my favorite animals, and the title enticed me to stop by. πŸ™‚


  9. Thank you for visiting my blog Elle – thought with the title thepersistentplatypus you may have been in Australia – a lovely surprise to find you in Arizona – and you lived in Ohio – two places I have at least visited:) I have a daughter who struggles with anxiety so will point her in the direction of your blog to be inspired and I’ll also check out your poetry and any hints I can glean for my teaching. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

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  10. Just dropping by to say thank you for visiting my blog, recently! Much appreciated! Your heading and tag line are great! Thank you for writing about anxiety. I’ve had this for years, along with ADHD and some days are just a mess, but then there’s always tomorrow, right! Thanks again, and I’m following your blog to read more of your positive outlook on things!

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  11. Hi Elle. Thank you so much for the like on my post. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am sorry to hear about your struggles. Having said that, though, in this world we must struggle with one thing or another. That is why we need God’s strength. May the Lord bless and strengthen you. Love.

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  12. It was a good reminder to me that there is a lot of adventure between sunrise and sunset. I have this practice where I stop at sunrise, noon, and sunset and ponder the gratitude I have for all that is in my life and I take 10 deep breaths into my heart. It has brought me much happiness on this adventure.
    It was also a good reminder to see life as an adventure and not something to dread, For years that is how I felt because I was so distressed from my PTSD. Now I have the adventure spirit and look forward to my unfolding.

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  13. Lived in Arizona about 20 years. I have traveled around that state from top to bottom. I love it in that part of the country, but live in the East now because that is where my husband chooses to live. My daughter is a Special Education teacher and her husband is a Newspaper Editor. Hmmm A lot of the same things you are involved with.

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  14. Hello Elle! Thank-you for visiting my blog at staceyldehn.wordpress.com. Having a son with Asperger’s puts me right in touch with the anxieties that life can bring about on a daily basis. It is comforting to know we are not alone in our struggles. I think I may write about anxiety next. You followed me and now I will be following you!

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  15. Hi Elle, it looks like we’re neighbors πŸ™‚
    I’m an Arizona native, born and raised.
    Anywho, I enjoyed reading your blog posts, I admire your positivity and cheerfulness!
    Thank you for sharing!

    -Your neighbor, Jennifer

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  16. Very nice to meet you! I love your positive spin on things and can’t wait to explore your site some more (great name for the site, BTW). I deal with some anxiety myself and usually turn to yoga or any kind of exercise and art to help but I have been known to “anxiety clean”! My family stays out of the way when this happens! :). I work as an instructional aide with a wonderful special education teacher and of all the teachers I know, I think you are the first who said they enjoyed writing lesson plans! 😊

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