Talk Nerdy To Me: Lord of the Rings Edition

When I was in high school, the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy came out and everyone was hit with LOTR fever! I was swept up into the madness and LOVED every moment. I had all of the DVDs, regular ones and the director cuts (which are a million hours long). I have audiobooks and soundtracks. Figurines, two copies of each of the books and even two encyclopedias about Middle Earth. My bedroom walls were covered in movie posters (which I still have at my parents house!).


What I loved most about the story was that the smallest of all the races, was the hero. The ultimate underdog story. Hobbits are half the size of most of the creatures found in Middle Earth, yet they are the most resilient. They saved everyone! I always thought it would be awesome to be a hobbit! You would live a super chill life and only worry about gardening and drinking. Sounds pretty amazing! 

Here is my opinion on who is the TRUE hero of the series. I think it was Samwise Gamgee! He followed Frodo across the entire country to help him destroy the ring, and in Frodo’s moments of weakness, he was there to carry him up Mount Doom so Frodo could complete his quest! Frodo couldn’t have done it if Samwise was not there beside him, encouraging him every step of the way. And of course, these lessons from the trilogy can be applied in our own lives, such as finding a great support group that will always be for you, even in your weakest moments. I actually wrote a paper about these themes in high school (I got an A of course because it was during peak of my devotion 🙂 )

And if you asked me which one of the three movies/books were my favorite, it would be hard to choose, but I have to say I do love Return of the King! 

WELL! Now I want to go watch all of the movies! Too bad I have to work in the morning or I would pull an all nighter!! 



You can’t talk about Lord of the Rings without throwing a little Game of Thrones joke in there! We love Sean Bean!

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