A bird sanctuary!

For years now I have wanted to set up a bird houses in my front yard, and this morning I finally set them up! I love watching the little birds fly around and enjoy the treats I set up for them. Growing up, my father always loved to take care of the birds in our yard, so I want to carry on the tradition at my own home.

Now that I have my own home, I want to landscape the front of the house with flowers and stuff to make it look pretty and homy! If you have any suggestions, let me know because this is all new territory for me. πŸ™‚

Check out what my new little houses! My first step towards being a real landscaper!

IMG_1641 IMG_1639 IMG_1641

15 thoughts on “A bird sanctuary!

  1. So fun, great job! I recently hung a bird feeder in a tree in our backyard, and also a hummingbird feeder. They eat so much… I have to fill the bird feeder every couple of days. I love seeing the birds through my kitchen window. Maybe you could get some plants or flowers that birds/hummingbirds like, and plant those near your feeders. Enjoy!

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  2. Hi. That is a good start. There is cover nearby for birds to roost and seek cover. The hummingbird feeder might do better if it were about 4-6 feet off of the ground. We feed birds here where we live too. Hummingbirds are very entertaining.


  3. Very nice…we have 2 bird houses full of food…amazing how fast they can clean it out….I love watching the birds….the black birds every now and then try to take over the feeders, they can’t even sit on the ledge…it all becomes a big to do who ever is bigger is the owner whether they can eat the food or not…the doves have even tried to sit on the little ledges…to funny…I have plants with sweet flower blooms on them for our hummingbirds, they even eat off the cactus flowers…

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      • Oh yes, I’ve seen the flooding throughout the west and down Texas! I was actually just making a place i said Arizona, i had no idea! Lol
        I’ve heard about the”dry heat” in Arizona. I love in Missouri land of humidity. Two years ago was one of the hottest summers i remember, the humidity stayed in the 22 / 30 percentile and it was almost bearable with temps into the 100’s! Oh well, i learned something. . Have you seen any hummers yet?

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      • LOL that’s hilarious! I love Arizona! Today it was 96 degrees today, but it was nice in the shade. That’s the cool thing about the dry heat! πŸ™‚ And no I haven’t seen any hummers yet 😦 They haven’t found it yet.


      • 96Β°…i don’t want to do that for than 7 days in a given year. My sister and brother in law went to near death valley where he worked at some mine. .stayed 95Β° for the month that they were there. .not for thanks. Enjoy it for me, will you? Thanks. Leo

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