Mother/Daughter Day!

It has been an entire year since my mom and k have had a girls day, so today we remedied that! We went out for brunch, and then spent the rest of the day shopping! Wirh Christmas only a few weeks away, many of the stores we went to had awesome deals (with the exception of Sephora) so we didn’t feel guilty filling up the back of our trunk with goodies. 

When we got home we filled out Christmas Cards (very last minute) and had peanut butter cookies! To end the day, we watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I had never seen it and my dad and brother wanted me to see it. It was a fantastic day! 

8 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter Day!

  1. Mother/daughter days are the best, aren’t they?? I miss my mum. I wish I was spending Christmas with her (we’re spending Christmas with my husband’s family – they’re from a different state, so we don’t see them as often as we see my family, which is totally fair, but I just miss her). It looks like you two had an amazing day!


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