Much better 

I am humbled by the outpour of love I received from you all yesterday in regards to my rough day. You are all truly incredible and have my me feel less “crazy” by sharing your stories and struggles with me, and building me up when I am down. 

Today was much better. There were a few bumpy moments through the day, but I got through them with only a moment of anxiety! My students were fantastic and I am lucky to have kids who go with the flow! They are a great bunch of kiddos! 

I know this year is going to be an adjustment, and I am sure more rough days are in my future. However, I know that I have to keep my eyes set forward and remember to stay positive. When the anxiety resurfaces, I will be sure to have my safeguards in place so I am cope and not let it ruin my day! 

Thank you again for all the love you gave me just when I needed it! ❤️

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