Thank you! Oh, and I hate morning sickness…

Thank you to all of you for the love and support over the news of our upcoming baby! It still feels surreal to know that I growing a little human inside of me! Creepy and awe-inspiring! 

Morning sickness (aka ALL DAY SICKNESS) has really taken me out! It stirs up a bit of anxiety because I hate getting sick in public. I am taking some anti-nausea meds, and it has been helping, but I only have so many pills a month so I am trying to ration them. What did you do when dealing with morning sickness? 

20 thoughts on “Thank you! Oh, and I hate morning sickness…

  1. The ONLY thing that helped me with nausea was eating pasta! I would go to a local Italian restaurant every day for lunch LOL! But at least for about four hours out of the day I had no pain.
    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

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  2. Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! 😍😍😍

    The things that helped for me were dry ginger biscuits. I would eat two biscuit and then rest as long as you can. The ginger is a natural anti emetic. (((hugs))

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  3. I could only eat carbs for the first trimester and it was kind of awful. I gained so much weight. x.x But you do what you gotta to get through and survive. Some days will be worse than others, just take them as they come. And trust me – it’s temporary.

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  4. I found that if I ate something before my feet hit the floor in the morning I did a little better through the day. Something that you can have by your bed and eat before getting up. I ate strawberry poptarts. lol

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  5. Pringles and lemonade
    Ginger (Trader Joe’s stocks a variety of candies and candied ginger stuff)
    Pizza (because pizza always helps)
    Cinnamon gum
    Candy canes
    Lemon Heads (candy)

    I was sick as soon as I STOPPED eating….so having candy to slowly suck on seemed to help the most!

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  6. With both I would eat something that was easy to throw up and only a little bit. Once I did that, it somewhat easier with my first. My second, I realized I had gestational diabetes. That test is important!!! Once I ate a diet of two carbs to each protein, my nausea subsided a lot. I felt a lot better.


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