It may not change, but don’t loose hope

So many of you commented and gave me support a few days ago when I posted about my job frustrations, and I am so humbled by all of your kind words. You have all helped me feel “normal” and reminded me that I am not the only one who struggles with the unknown.

I have been working very hard on my attitude about my position next year, which  is still unknown. To clarify, I have a guaranteed teaching position in special education, they just have to figure out numbers and decide where my position fits. It is difficult to wait an not know how to prepare or who to plan with. Teachers start planning for the next year, even before school is out for summer! 

So my attitude is slightly better but it is still a struggle and triggers anxiety whenever I think about it. However, even though I still experience inner turmoil, I am not going to give into self pity and bitterness. When we decide to change our attitudes, change will not act as a light switch. It takes hard work and dedication to turn it around. I am going to work everyday at making sure I am positive, even when I don’t feel it!