A little bit traumatizing!

Well, today was the day that my husband and I went to the OBGYN to get my IUD taken out. We went in expecting a quick and mildly uncomfortable experience, however, it turned out to be much different! It ended up being 40 minutes of my dr digging into my cervix/uterus trying to find it. I have never experienced that sort of pain in my life! My husband held my hand the entire time as I cried and screamed in his ear.

Part of me was utterly embarrassed, however, the dr was so kind and supportive. He was so kind and kept telling me to hang on, and just keep going. He also kept apologizing for it being so difficult, because normally it only takes a few seconds. He also told me that in the years he has been practicing medicine, that this had only happened to one other person! I told him that I was honored to be his second case.

When he finally pulled it out (as I embarrassingly screamed the f-word), everyone cheered and clapped. As a joke, I said I was going to keep it and put in my Christmas tree! The doctor laughed and he cleaned it off and gave it to me! LOL! Now I have it as a reminder of the struggle it took to get it out, and the strange humor of the situation.

If there is anything that I learned from this situation it is that I NEVER want to have a natural birth!

28 thoughts on “A little bit traumatizing!

  1. I had a completely natural birth, it took 26 hours and I actually really enjoyed it. The worst thing I said was “Ow, that one was really painful” about one contraction in particular lol And the silly male dr I had, said “ignore the pain” as I was pushing my baby out, surrounded by 5 other women, all who had given birth themselves…he was lucky not to get a fist to the jaw 😛 I wrote a post (A Brilliant Birth) about my entire experience on my blog. @ http://getresurgatized.com/2015/03/30/2866/

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  2. Wow, I feel your pain! About 8 months ago, I had Implanon removed from my arm – implanted birth control in my arm. What was suppposed to be a QUICK procedure turned into 30 minutes of the doctor digging in my arm with a pair of tweezers!


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