My anxiety blessing

Today I am reminded of why my anxiety is my blessing. My gift. As many of you know, I am a middle school teacher who is enjoying the last few days of summer break, however, I get a text from my principal asking if I can come in today and meet with a student. This student has an anxiety disorder and needs to meet her teachers to help ease her struggles. 

I feel so blessed that I understand this child’s struggle and will be able to help her find ways to cope with it this year. I don’t think many teachers understand the pain of anxiety, especially in middle school, unless they have had it. I feel privileged to be able to draw on my own experiences to be able to help. 🙂 

15 thoughts on “My anxiety blessing

  1. Boy do I wish my son had had a teacher that understood when he was in high school.
    Long story short, he has NLD, and on top of that can get overwhelmed VERY quickly.

    Let’s just say, he never finished grade 12. And while many teachers (like you seem to be) are amazing … some can be giant *ssh*les. Especially the ones that REFUSE to follow the IEP in place.

    (sorry, I guess I still have some emotions about that. *blush*)

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