My family accepts my anxiety!

Yesterday my father and mother spoke open and honestly with me about my anxiety and all that I have been learning about it. It was an amazing conversation because there was zero judgement or negativity. They were curious to learn about what I had discovered and hear all about my blog. My father even suggested that I can use my experiences with anxiety to write a book! (Great idea dad!)

It felt so good to be able to feel my anxiety was accepted by my parents. It’s a difficult subject to discuss and I’m sure they never wanted their daughter to struggle with the disorder. However, the last time they had seen me (in June) I was a complete mess. My anxiety had taken over and I was very sick. I could tell they were really worried about me because they had no idea it has gotten so bad, and it was easy to make it not seem like a big deal when we only get to talk through FaceTime. I don’t think I kept it from them on purpose, but I think deep down I was ashamed. I am learning, however, that it’s not my fault. It’s a chemical issue. Not a personal one. I think my parents are learning that too. It’s not a lack of good parenting, because they are incredible parents. They are learning, along side me, that anxiety is a chemical imbalance.

It felt amazing to be so healthy and be able to show them how much I have grown. They told me they could see a huge difference and they were so proud of me! It is wonderful that these walls have been broken down and we have bonded over something that was meant to destroy us! We are a strong family!

If you are debating telling your family about your mental illness, take the risk! I didn’t think it would be as easy as it was, and had I known they would be so accepting, I would have told them the extent of the problem years ago! I love love LOVE my family!

23 thoughts on “My family accepts my anxiety!

  1. I’m so glad that you were able to have this conversation. It’s never easy or pleasant to have anxiety attacks in front of people you love. I’m still not used to it. But there can be a plus side. So many things with anxiety can go unseen. But when you have an anxiety attack, people see that. It makes it real for them and lets them know that it’s not “all in your head.”

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  2. I battle depression and feel the same way. I love that my husband now “get it” rather than always trying to fix it or tell me to snap out of it. I just need a little extra love and patience, things I give all of them when they aren’t well too!
    Glad you have a safe zone!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Savannah Smiles

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  3. Sorry to hear you suffer like this. I hope it helps to know your family understand and are there for you, as, I am sure are all your friends.
    I was really surprised to find out a friend of mine suffers from depression recently. None of us had any idea. He made a massive step towards removing the “stigma” of mental health problems by appearing on a tv show with Ruby Wax to discuss his experiences.
    People like him and yourself are heroes. Your strength will raise awareness, and make things easier in the future.
    Well done! 😊

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