Anxiety hasn’t visited me in awhile

I have realized that I have gone a long stretch of time without being bother by my pesky friend, anxiety! I had a mild bout with her about a week ago but nothing much before that and none since I have been on vacation at my parents house! It feels liberating to be able to go days, almost weeks without it! I am loving the freedom of living in the moment and absorbing the joy and emotions of the atmosphere. With my anxiety, I had no room for any other feeling. Now there is plenty of room to experience an array of emotions I haven’t felt in a long time!

Just in time for Christmas!

17 thoughts on “Anxiety hasn’t visited me in awhile

  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday for you. Well done!
    Please keep in mind that when most of us are winding up our holidays and preparing to go back home and getting ready to go back to work …. our stress/anxiety level increases. I would expect you to probably feel the same which may well be your condition, but it could also simply be that you are functioning as a perfectly normal person. 🙂

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