Understanding and acceptance

As sufferers of mental illness, isn’t understanding and acceptance what we crave? Our dream is to tell people about our illness and not be judged. Not be scoffed. Not be stigmatized. Well all want to be loved for who we are as a human being, NOT for our illness.

Find people who love you: the full package. Surround yourself with individuals who don’t intimidate you to be someone you are not. Find love and acceptance. Don’t settle for less. You deserve more.

13 thoughts on “Understanding and acceptance

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  2. This is very true. There are so many people that don’t understand or try to understand what we go through. It is important that we search for those who are there for us and hold on to those amazing people. I know some people that feel that because we sometimes get anxious and act differently from when we are calm, we shouldn’t be treated as well. This is not true and you are right, we cannot let others bring us down.

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