Baby Update!

After 50 long and tedious days in the NICU, we were finally released on February 11! It was an incredible day. Simply walking her through the doors of the hospital and brining her out into the sunshine filled our hearts with bliss. We have been home just over two weeks now and we are getting into the parenting routine. My husband has gone back to work and I am officially a stay at home Mom for the next few months. It has been a hard adjustment in terms of my expectations. Being a mom in the NICU requires a different set of emotional coping skills than being a mom with a baby at home. In the NICU we had A nurse help us if we don’t know what to do, or need help with feedings. Obviously, here at home we don’t have that help. I never knew it would be so exhuasting. I mean, people tell you how exhausting it but you never know until you actually are there in the moment. However, I wouldn’t trade it ❤ we are so happy to have her home! 

Finally! Feeling better!

After many months of being “intestinally” sick during my pregnancy, I am starting to recover. It turns out many of the problems were stemming from my anxiety medication. Ever since I switched meds, my stomach, and bowels, have been happy! It’s hard to believe such a simple change would make such a difference. I hate that I have to rely on medication to help with my anxiety during this pregnancy, but after much prayer and consultation, we decided that it is best for me to continue taking them. I truly believe that if my panic attacks came back, it would be harmful to my little girl. I have to make sure I am well so I can keep her safe and healthy. 

I am also finally seeing joy in this pregnancy! She is 26 weeks now and each day her kicks get stronger and stronger. It’s a pretty bizzare feeling, actually, to have a little human beating (with love) my insides, but I love it! I actually only got a few hours of sleep last night because she was up the whole time playing the bongos on my bladder! It was hard to stay mad, even if I was exhausted at work today. 

I am still a bit nervous about delivery, but not as much as I use to be. I had a lot of anxiety and panic about it in the past, but now I am starting to see it as an exciting nervousness. You know what I mean? I’m not at all looking forward to the pain of the contractions, but I can’t wait to finally hold her in my arms! 

It’s starting to get real!! ❤️

Great Day of Bonding

My husband and I had a wonderful day of bonding, cooking and believe it or not, crafting! This afternoon we made a diaper wreath my sister-in-law, since we are hosting her baby shower this weekend, and we wanted to spoil the heck out of the baby! It is the first baby born to either of our siblings and we are over the moon! 

Anyway, we spent about two hours creating the wreath together, and we really enjoyed being creative as a couple. After we crafted, we made dinner together. Whole roasted chicken, green beans sprinkled with bits of bacon, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread. It was incredibly delicious! 

It feels so good to be able to have these kind of days with my husband. Since we both work in the school system (him as a vice principal and me as a teacher) we have several weeks were we have been able to slow down and just be alone together. Reconnect. It has been absolutely wonderful. I am truly thankful that we both have similar work schedules and are able to take off time together. 

I just wanted to share my amazing day with all of you! I hope you all had a great day, and if you didn’t just know that tomorrow is a new day. 

Celebrating Turning the Dirty 3o

Today has been wonderful because my parent flew into town for my birthday and we have just been enjoying out time together! We watched the Walking Dead, went to dinner and just chatted. I miss living closer than 1900 miles apart, and it always is fantastic when I am around them. 

My birthday was fantastic because not only did my parents show up, but my husband and students spoiled me! My husband got me a huge paint set and many of my students got me little gifts and made me posters telling me how much they love me! It made all the hard work I have been putting into my job completely worth it! 

I have to say that so far…30 is pretty fantastic! 




I just want to brag a little

I want to brag a little about my wonderful my husband! This past week we have spent every moment together (literally, since we have been on Spring Break) and it has been fantastic! For the last several months, our lives have been hectic and chaotic and the last thing that always seemed to be attended to was our relationship. It just seemed like everything else got in the way. However, this week we have made it a point to do nothing else but bonding! We have crafted together, watched hours of Netflix together, cooked together, and laughed hysterically together! I am finding myself falling deeper in love and and feeling like a teenager lost in romance! It has been a fantastic week! 

A Proud Granddaughter

Over the past few days I have been researching my grandfather and what he did during his time over in Europe during WWII. He was a Sargent in the 95th Infantry Division. As I have been researching I found out that he liberated a work camp in France and also liberated a town called Metz in France. It is incredible to learn about the things he had done and experienced while he was over in logoEurope.

Our culture has romanticized the WWII time period and we have seen so many films and read so many books about the time period, however, there are times when we forget that those men and women actually experienced those events. I always knew that my grandfather had fought in the war, but I had never thought about how he felt while fighting. How he saw his fellow soldiers die, villages burn, and lives forever altered. I now have a new appreciation for what he did and how he survived. history2

I just wanted to share my new developments with you guys and how proud I am of my grandfather!