Encouragement Goes A Long Way

Thank you for all your encouragement and words of wisdom about how I can overcome my writer’s block! It truly helps me refocus and stop being so hard on myself.

Tonight I had an incredible experience. I was fortunate enough to go out to dinner with an accomplished author, and she was able to share her story and provide me with valuable insight. She encouraged me to trust myself and my creative thought. Not to listen to the voice inside my head that says I’m not good enough, or my ideas are stupid. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my writing journey. She had been in my place, and so many others have been there before me. It’s not just me. She even said she would help me along the way. ❤️ My heart could have burst!

It felt as if God aligned this moment for me. Just as I was struggling with confidence in my writing ability, this incredible woman came to switch my mindset. As if God himself was encouraging me to go forward in good faith that he gave me a voice, and I can do it!

I just feel so invigorated! Like a burden was lifted and I can be free to express my creativity without judgment! It’s ok to let loose and trust in my own voice!

Writing is a Journey- How do you travel it?

How many of you are writers? Me too! I love stringing words together to make beautiful phrases and mental images. It’s my passion.

In earlier blog posts, I have written about my fear of beginning a novel. Or should I say, completing one. I have started so many stories, but they always seem to fade off when I hit writers block, or I can’t see past the event I am stuck on.

For whatever reason, once I hit this spot in my writing, I get in my own way. My doubts and insecurities as a writer surface and I just leave the project. I know it is unhealthy, and it’s my goal to move beyond it and finally finish.

How do you move past your fears and writers block? Does writing expose any of your insecurities?

Good morning! Let’s spread the love!

Good morning, everyone! Each day is a new chance to show love to those around you. You never know what just a little smile could do to someone who feels invisible. Spread the love today!

Pushing Onward When Other Try to Push You Down

There are going to be times in your life when others are going to want to suppress your talent. When those around you are jealous of your abilities and they want to outshine you. And there are even going to be times when people just do not like you. Does this mean you are a terrible person? Not at all. It is just life. There are over 7 billion people in this world, and we are not all expected to be best friends. All that is expected of us is to show the same respect to one another that we would want to be shown towards ourselves.

Now, being an anxiety sufferer, this lesson is INCREDIBLY difficult. By nature, I am a people pleaser. I desire to be everyone’s friend and there are times when I have a come apart because someone is upset with me, or even looked at me strangely. I’m sure (at least I hope) I am not the only one with these same insecurities and anxieties. What we have to remember is that other people’s opinions DO NOT define who we are. We know who we are, and we must be confident in ourselves to not let the thoughts of other effect our self-worth.

I am continually learning this lesson. Even today. I have to remind myself, frequently, that I am a wonderful, kind, creative and loving woman, and nothing anyone else says or does will change who I am. I am loved by my family and friends and that is all that matters. OH and my dogs! They love me too! 🙂